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Learn Portuguese like you learn to ride a bike!


Learning to ride a bicycle is one of the most memorable things in one’s life. Why? It meant freedom and a sense of accomplishment. It was a fun, enjoyable, even an exhilarating experience. Never would one describe it as a boring affair.

Learning a new language should have the same characteristics. Never  dull, never tedious. One should look forward to it. If the teachings techniques don’t fit these criteria, I won’t use them!


Question: When changing lanes in a motorway, how many steering wheel moves are needed? Take your time…

If you said two, one to veer to the other lane and one to straighten the wheels, you are now in the ditch! Hehe! You actually need an intermediate move to straighten the car into the second lane.

Interesting, right? You might not consciously have known the right answer, but your unconscious self certainly did. In fact, “unthinking” learning is faster and much effective. I will teach you how to use it to the full.


The saying goes: “Once you learn to ride a bicycle, you never forget.” The same is not normally said of a second language. Can we change this?

Certainly! Permanent memory can be achieved in various ways. Unconscious learning goes a long way in that regard, but many other things are involved. The advanced techniques I use are designed to achieve memory longevity. I will also help you with tips on sleep patterns and even diet.

Did you know there’s one particular molecule in food which, driven by confusion, people avoid like the plague, but which is essential for memory? What about a food that you have everyday that is proven to create “brain fog”?

Science Based Foundations


Language is more than a set of structural rules and vocabulary. One can only teach a new tongue when he has a deep cultural and coloquial understanding of it. I hope to deliver on that.


Brain Functioning

Humans learn in many ways and the brain can be excited through many avenues. Also, any “extra-curricular” activities have a deep impact on the capacity to understand and retain information.


Research Work

Most teaching institutions have been stuck to the traditionally accepted methods of teaching. But as researchers find more effective systems, we should be quick to implement them.


Advantages of One-To-One Lessons



Arrange a time that is suitable for you. Easier to reschedule lesson as there is only one student at a time.




One to one teaching allows for a more intensive and focused learning period. As a result, the progress will be noticeably quickened.

Less Intimidating

Less Intimidating

Being part a a class can hinder the progress of a more shy student. I always strive to make it a peasant and informal lesson.




I will create a curriculum that is tailored for you. We will focus on your goals. No need to worry about a third person.

Undivided Attention

Undivided Attention

This is extremely helpful if a student is struggling with a subject or as extra questions. No waiting periods. No waste of time.


Cultural Knowledge

Cultural Knowledge

Having a one to one session allows the student to come to a deeper grasp of the teachers cultural background, and by extension, the language’s.

Innovative Teaching Techniques



Unlike your experience at school, I won’t do much talking myself. No thick books to study. We can do better than that.




You cannot expect a student to learn when he’s bored. My techniques will help you concentrate and be motivated.



Some methods work better than others. I’ve looked at the brain research and can tell you what works.




It’s true that learning gets tougher with age. But even my 60 plus year old students make really good progress.



Over 12 different techniques. No sitting in a chair for very long. Ever thought juggling might help you learn?




The brain has three stages of memory: sensory, working and long-term. I will help you shift information to the third level.



Do you remember how you learned to speak? No! Most learning is done in the background. Let’s exploit that.




Learning Portuguese in 4 weeks? Impossible! But with these techniques, we can accelerate the progress.


  • “Carla is a very skilled teacher who structures the lesson around your reason for learning. I wanted to be able to communicate with my boyfriend’s family who only speak Portuguese. The lessons were a fantastic success and I was able to follow conversations and join in. It means so much to be able to speak and be understood and not have to wait for someone to translate for me. I would highly recommend  Carla to anybody who wants to learn European Portuguese, whatever the motivation. I have thoroughly enjoyed learning with her!”

    Carla, 28
  • I decided to learn Portuguese as a matter of “survival” after having spent another Christmas alone in the company of my boyfriend’s family – whom, whilst being extremely warm and welcoming, don’t speak any English.

    Initially, I tried using audio-courses. However, I found that learning set phrases without understanding the sentence structure was quite limiting and didn’t enable me to engage in conversation.

    I found Carla’s website via a learning Portuguese blog recommendation and booked my first free session. I immediately felt at ease with Carla whose approach is relaxed, flexible, and (importantly for a self-critical person) both encouraging and light humoured.

    When I first started my lessons, I was living abroad and travelling extensively with work. Having flexible Skype lessons enabled me to fit in language learning and to make progress although I couldn’t dedicate as much time to it as I would have liked. Carla also makes a big effort to help integrate Portuguese learning into everyday life – both to speed up progress and to make it less of a chore. For example, by trying to speak to my boyfriend in Portuguese for 10 minutes a day, to listen to Portuguese music, to watch Portuguese TV, to cook a Portuguese recipe etc.

    After a year of learning Portuguese with Carla, I returned to Portugal to visit my boyfriend’s family. Although I still struggled to follow conversations (especially as culturally several people tend to speak at the same time AND very fast!) I felt much more engaged. In addition, I saw how much it meant to by boyfriend’s parents that I was making an effort to be part of the family.

    I would highly recommend Carla to anyone wishing to learn European Portuguese.

    Muito obrigada Carla! Bj Charlotte x

    Charlotte, 35
  • “I am happy to have had the opportunity to learn Portuguese. Now that I’m living in Mozambique, this can help me speak and understand the people here. I’ve noticed a response among my co-workers, in my attempts to try to make conversation, this has created a lot of laughs and fun, but also the willingness of others to help me, this is helping to build my confidence.

    Although it is difficult to learn the Portuguese language, especially the pronunciations, I enjoyed it a lot, and I will make my goal every day to learn something new. It has also inspired other people around me to do the same.

    It would be my dream to someday be able to speak fluent Portuguese.

    The fact that I only had one lesson a week shows that, a great teacher that Carla is since I have learned a lot, I really enjoyed our one in one classes, even though I was too nervous to start!

    I hope we will be in touch in the near future.”


    Laura, 34
  • “I began studying Portuguese in January 2014 in preparation for the CIPLE exam.  I felt I needed more practice and I came across Carla’s website. I had about 20 lessons with Carla, and did the exam in May, 2015. I am very happy to say that I passed the exam and I recommend Carla because her instructions and advice were very helpful. Moreover, she was very amiable and accommodating…and demanding! which I needed as I had to get my home-work done. Thank you, Carla. It was a pleasure working with you.”

    Maricelli, 50
  • I’m learning Portuguese for personal interest. It was not easy to find a suitable teacher.

    Then I found Carla’s website, and things improved! She really puts her heart and soul into her teaching.

    Carla is tailoring the lessons to help me achieve my target. Carla speaks very clearly and I can understand her easily. She is also an attentive listener. We don’t use English in the lessons, except rarely to clarify a point.

    I find it’s convenient to have lessons with Carla via the Internet. They don’t lack anything compared to lessons in person.

    Carla is very friendly and professional. She uses technology very well to support the lessons and the sound and video are excellent quality. Carla is also good at motivating.

    A friend of mine in Brazil, a lawyer, said that my Portuguese is improving a lot. Naturally, I am going to continue having lessons with Carla.

    Richard, 60
  • “Learning with Carla was great fun. It was refreshing to have a relaxed and entertaining teacher who keeps your learning targets on track.

    She was strict but very supportive and was able to identify my strengths and weaknesses, and set clear goals depending on them. In only a couple of lessons I had learned useful parts of the language and I look forward to continuing them.”

    Stuart, 22

  • “I was very nervous about trying to learn a new language but soon found it to be an enjoyable experience because of Carla’s ability to make it interesting. I feel I can use the lessons I learned to good effect in practise.”

    Julia, 53
  • “Learning Portuguese with Carla is always enjoyable, and I can thoroughly recommend studying with her! I’ve taken 10 lessons with her to date, and can honestly say I have learned a huge amount and that my Portuguese has improved significantly! Our lessons are always different, focusing on different language skills and Carla is such a positive and cheerful teacher, you cannot help but learn with her and improve. I definitely  intend to continue taking lessons with her indefinitely as with her help I’m sure I can become fluent!”

    James, 39
  • “I found Carla via a web search and her site was very informative and professional.

    She is very flexible with her time and will try and accommodate where possible, including weekend work if necessary. It is obvious Carla enjoys her work and her teaching style is very relaxed but professional and well organised.

    It is my pleasure to recommend Carla as a Portuguese teacher.”

    Alan, 52
  • “A long time ago I studied Portuguese at University. I’m going to Portugal for my holiday and I wanted to study Portuguese again. I didn’t want to travel and I didn’t want to learn Brazilian Portuguese. I have a very busy life and when I found Carla’s website I found it very convenient. It was easy to book and pay. Carla is a very attentive and kind teacher and although have a lot to learn I now understand much more than before. I can recommend Carla without hesitation.”

  • “Learning Portuguese with Carla is being enjoyable and very rewarding. I have only done a month of classes, and I can see the improvements. She has a very flexible style and adapts herself to your needs. I personally need to learn Portuguese for Business needs, and she always try to relate everything we learn to my specific needs.  Eu recomendo aprender Português com Carla.”

    Sara, 25
  • “I asked Carla to teach me Portuguese in order that I could enjoy my holidays there fully. Her relaxed and informal style worked and I benefited immediately.”

    Paul, 55


Ordinary Teaching

Proper Way of Teaching

  • 90′ long lessons

    10′ long lessons

  • Confined to classroom

    Sleep, diet, supplements, exercise, all of this is involved in learning

  • Only one sense engaged

    Vision, audition, smell. Stimulate all.

  • Forever sitting down

    Engaging your whole body

  • One size fits all

    Every brain is wired differently

  • Forceful memorisation of words, expressions, verbs, etc.

    Use of stories, associations, parables, illustrations and more.

  • Teacher talks profusely

    Teacher only guides, no sermons allowed

  • Written text only

    Use of video, imagery, audio, text and more.

  • Stressful examination

    Unconscious, naturally rewarding progress


HD Lessons from Anywhere


Lessons can be taken on virtually any digital device, mobile or not, in HD quality. All you need is a browser, Skype or another app that you prefer for video conference.

Booking lessons is done on either end via a soffisticated system. Everything is taken care of automatically, you will have your own dashboard and even receive a reminder just before a session starts.


Allow me to introduce myself…

I’ve prepared a little video to let you know who exactly this “Carla” is that you can learn Portuguese with.


Book your free session now!

Carla can’t wait forever…